Introducing the new John Colianni Jazz Sextet

Since its debut in January 2016, the 17-piece John Colianni Jazz Orchestra has been creating a sensation amongst a growing number of fans in the New York area with its fresh and exciting perspective on big band jazz. Showcasing Colianni’s original arrangements of both his own compositions and others from the jazz repertory, the JCJO is creating original modern jazz that really swings.

Now we are proud to introduce the equally exciting John Colianni Jazz Sextet. Characterized by its swing influenced rhythm section which features piano bass drums and rhythm guitar, and its two-tenor front line in the tradition of great two tenor groups the new John Colianni Jazz Sextet reflects Colianni’s unique and personal concept of modern jazz that swings in a small group format. And (like the John Colianni Jazz Orchestra) creates a unique sound that stands out from the crowd.

Pianist John Colianni’s 30 plus years of high profile gigs with Lionel Hampton, Mel Torme, and Les Paul to name a few, as well as his appearances as a leader and co-leader have brought him international exposure to a broad audience. His dazzling virtuosity and ferociously swinging style have drawn frequent comparisons to Art Tatum and Oscar Peterson and have earned him the well-deserved nickname “Johnny Chops” from enthusiastic fans.

John’s current projects—the John Colianni Jazz Orchestra and the John Colianni Jazz Sextet— expand the spotlight to John’s spectacular creative gifts as a prolific composer-arranger and bandleader while continuing to feature his skills as a pianist, as well as the talents of the many gifted sidemen in his band.

The John Colianni Jazz Sextet will be issuing its first CD release in the Summer of 2017 and the John Colianni Jazz Orchestra Winter 2018.

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